Rediscovering The Soul

When we were born our soul shined brightly through our being. There was no comparison, no judgement, no living from the ego. You can feel and see this when you see a new born baby. They are so pure in all aspects of their being.

We are then raised in an unconscious society and often by unconscious parents.  This is when things begin to change.  We start to develop personality traits that serve to protect the soul.  This conditioning happens uniquely for each individual and therefore is a completely unique and internal process to rediscover the soul, and coming back to our true self.

Whether you were told ‘Boys don’t cry’ or ‘Girls should be seen and not heard’. There are so many damaging statements that are passed down through generational patterns. Whether you felt unashamed, angry, unworthy and were not taught that these emotions are completely normal. All of this and more shapes your personality.

When we were young this process was what was required for our survival, it was not safe for us to live from our true self while being surrounded by so much unconsciousness.

The ego thrives on the personality that has been created by our experience because while we continue to live from this place the soul remains hidden. The ego is so manipulative and personalised to each person, it is completely aware of your weak points or your triggers and will use them to keep you small.

While the ego is very creative and ruthless in its approach to keep you small, the more aware you become of your thoughts the more you can see what the ego is doing. The ego always wants to separate you from others while the soul feels connected to all beings.

Have you ever been taught how to connect back with your soul energy, the truest part of your being?

Our pure essence resides in every single one of us, it is that part of us that is pure love and divine bliss, that part of that is connected to a higher power whether you call it the Universe, Divine Mother, God, Infinite Spirit and so on.

The way back to oneself is to go within through meditation.  I have experienced this in my own journey and know without a doubt that through yoga and meditation I have reconnected with my soul. I strive daily to live from this place and help others to do the same.

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