Meditation Classes

The key to rediscovering and reconnecting to the truest part of ourselves is to journey within and the most powerful way to do that is through meditation.

Sacred Events

We love holding space for true connection, healing, nourishment of our mind, body & souls.

Private Yoga Classes

The greatest benefit of private yoga is that each class is tailored exactly to your unique goals, needs and body.


Empowering The Goddess Within

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Sacred burn and release ceremony

In this practice we have an opportunity to surrender and release what no longer serves us.

Sound Healing & Meditation

Through the power sound and vibration, we are able to shift blocked emotions and energy from our body to ultimately free lighter and clearer.

Raising Our Vibration Through Movement

We will move our body to raise our vibration and to rise above our lower self or ego self, which is always trying to keep us small.

Yoga, Meditation & Other Classes On Offer!

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