Is Your Mindset Making Things Harder?

“If you look at your health & wellbeing as something that requires huge amounts of effort and time, it will always be a struggle”. 

If you don’t see it as a priority, you will not make or allow time for it in your life.

Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority because without it the quality of your life will be impacted.  You may not see or feel the impacts straight away but over time without a doubt it will be shown to you.   

In our current world there is so much focus on looking fit and healthy rather than being healthy and balanced on all levels. Everyone seems to be more concerned with how they look externally rather than how they feel internally.

Each of us has a unique makeup and what is right for another may not be right for us.  It is so important to read, learn and then experiment with what resonates with you.  We must also understand that we are one with nature and that we must flow with the cycles of nature.

It takes a growing awareness to put your health and wellness in the forefront of your life and your mindset behind it will actively shape this process. 

For example, if you know that drinking caffeine or alcohol is impacting your health and you are unwillingly to change this then perhaps it will take something greater to bring about the change. Or if waking up earlier in the morning to meditate or brush & scrape your teeth & tongue is seen as a huge inconvenience regardless of the health benefits, than that is a choice you are making and the results will be reflective of that.

We have the power to choose what we want for ourselves and our families.

When I first started following a Ayurvedic lifestyle and daily routines, my mindset and thoughts were:

 ‘This is so hard and if I am struggling many people will struggle’.

‘No one in the real world would have time for any of this’.

‘This is not accessible to the normal busy people’.

‘Even those people who think that are eating healthy are not’.

I am sure there were others also and this shaped my reality, I found it stressful, felt deflating and disappointing.

It was then brought to my attention where my mindset was at.  Since then, I have made a conscious effort to change the thoughts:

‘I love preparing nourishing food that supports my entire being’.

‘Food is medicine and completely worthy of my time’.

‘I love making healthy and delicious food that my family enjoys’.

‘I will make a conscious effort each day to nourish my body as per my prakruti’.

‘My daily routines are not an inconvenience but vital to living a full and happy life’.

‘I will treat myself with kindness and compassion when I make incompatible choices’.

‘My awareness continues to grow and expand in each moment’.

‘The food I eat is helping to remove toxins from my tissues and nourish them on all levels’.

When starting or continuing on a health journey it is important to understand your WHY behind it. If your why is surface level like ‘I want to lose weight to fit into size 10 jeans’, or something else similar than this may not be enough to keep you on track.

My why and the reason I focus so much of my time and energy on my health and wellness:

I know to fulfil my soul’s purpose I need to cleanse my mind, body and soul.

I know that when I look after my health and wellness, I am a much better person.

I know to truly help others I must walk the path first and overcome the challenges.

So, when embarking on any kind of journey I encourage you to get really concrete on your why and which will help you get your mindset in check.  Your mindset around your goal will shape your reality I have literally just experienced this.

Your health and wellbeing is so important not only to yourself but for the greater good of all beings. When you make positive changes in your life this will naturally impact those around you in turn raising the collective consciousness of the entire planet.

I hope this blog inspires you to strive and reach your health and wellness goals and may you learn from my lessons.

Much love


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