‘The Emotional Express’ by Heather Mulholland


Heather is a Sunshine Coast self published Author with over 30 years experience as a Holistic Therapist specialising in women. She has already sold over 500 copies of this incredible book and it continue to be valuable to her readers.

Words from Heather

“There is only one person you can change and that person is you! The only time we have is now; so from this moment on let go of blaming ourselves and others, let go of excuses and give yourself permission to start fresh. The Emotional Express is about setting goals and letting the succession of them evolve in accordance with our intuition no matter what background or situation we have come from”.

“My motivation is to inspire and capture the attention of a female audience; however I believe men would definitely benefit from the self-help techniques throughout this this book”.

“We will experience and become aware of who we are as we are now. Magically we will step into our own power and harness our creative essence. Our ultimate purpose is to help each other to move forward with wisdom and communicate our truth with love not fear. We can express our heart’s true desires in ways that are comfortable for us and let go of what other people think. There will always be times when we need to let go of past habits/patterns and people who hold us back and don’t want us to move forward. As we embrace and practice different approaches to healing, we will begin to like who we are and start treating ourselves and others like someone we love”!

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Heather‘s personal experience and skills as a Holistic Remedial Therapist, Teacher and Healer over the past 20 years, has given her a unique approach to self-healing and awareness. She has developed simple, yet powerful techniques to bring balance and self-empowerment back to life.

The Emotional Express will take you on a journey of self-discovery. It will bring awareness to the connection between the mind, body and dis-ease. Examples of personal experiences in this book will teach you acceptance of your journey and how to embrace the parts of your life that you don’t believe are beneficial. Changing our thoughts will change our life, making peace and accepting our past will bring joy into the present. The emotional express embraces all the different aspects of our natural healing abilities including dreams, meditation and the awareness of healing encouraged by moon cycles.

Mother Earth provides us with so many elements that can aid in our healing process. Be creative and enjoy making your own washing powder, perfume, deodorant and toothpaste by using nature’s safe ingredients


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